Light Drive

The Light Drive is a power add-on device that turns your manual wheelchair into an ultra-light, high performance electric wheelchair in 20 seconds! The motor attachment simply hooks onto the rear of most rigid or folding manual wheelchairs. Light Drive is operated by a joystick while maintaining the chair’s manoeuvrability – it stop’s when you let go of the joystick and has a 360-degree movement including full reversal By releasing a clutch, you can choose when to switch between assisted power or manual use. Safety is an important factor with a downhill braking feature in place that automatically controls your decent.

Code: lightdrivefolding

Colour(s): Yellow, Pink, Gold, Silver, Blue, Green, Black, Red




  • Turns your self-propelled wheelchair into a power chair in seconds
  • Installation possible on virtually all chairs from 25 cm seat width (9.8 inches).
  • Climb hills with no effort, coast across grass, sweep along gravel paths and uneven pavers!
  • Easy to unhook from the wheelchair making it an in- expensive power device to transport via a vehicle – no need for an expensive adaptive van for transportation.
  • Provides wheelers with extra power while maintaining exercise, muscle tone, strength and energy.
  • Avoids the need to switch to a heavy power chair.
  • Top speed – 10km/h
  • Range – 14km-16km on one battery charge
  • Maximum weight advised – Approx 100kg for optimum performance, but can go up to 120kg
  • Weight of unit – Motor 9kg, battery 5kg, brackets & joystick 500g