Quickie Q500 Series

Resulting from years of experience of market leading drive bases, seating and advanced electronics, QUICKIE® introduces the QUICKIE Q500 Series. Explore the outdoors with the Q500 and make your own adventure! With a choice of three drive bases (all of them with advanced suspension technologies and powerful motors), the highly customizable SEDEO® PRO seating or the multiadjustable SEDEO LITE (including JAY and WHITMYER) and a wide range of high end R-Net and SWITCH-IT controls, you can tailor your Q500 individually to you whatever your clinical and lifestyle needs are.

Colour(s): Black, White, Acid Green, Ferrari Red, Sunkissed Orange ,Fuchsia, Sky Blue




  • Choose your base – front, rear or mid wheel drive
  • All the Q500 bases offer outstanding outdoor performance combining powerful 4 torque motors, drive wheel suspension for great comfort and traction, large wheels, speeds up to 10 kph and batteries up to 80 Ah.
  • Mid wheel drive – superior indoor maneuverability. Great access through narrow doorways, in lifts and around confined spaces, with the compact turning radius and base dimensions. Easily transfer into and out, effortlessly access vehicles and under tables with the lower than ever before seat to floor height from 41.5 cm with powered COG Tilt, or 42.5 cm with Lift & Tilt.
  • Front wheel drive – Q500 F, with in-rigged castor arms design, is responsive and offers good maneuverability for indoor use. Q500 F offers a lower seat to floor height of 415 mm to provide good access to wheelchair adapted vehicles, tables, and transfers.
  • Rear wheel drive – Q500 R offers a lower seat to floor height of 415 mm, you can access your
  • wheelchair chair adapted vehicle too and transfers.
  • The Q500 R Robust design combined with the unparrelled performance of Full Track Suspension System, leveller technology and built in traction control you don’t need to compromise on a smooth, stable ride with full control of your chair at all times.
  • Choose your seating: SEDEO PRO OR SEDEO LITE
  • Sedeo Pro – High-end fully adjustable and configurable seating frame with a wide range of cushions and positioning options. With a wide range of armrests, armpads, legrests, seat and back cushions, headrests and positioning accessories, SEDEO PRO offers great flexibility to adapt to the individual user needs.
  • Sedeo Lite – Multi-adjustable seat frame with sling back. Sedeo Lite is designed for users with medium to low clinical needs that requires adjustable seating system.Offers sling back with optional cushions and flip up armrest. The backrest, Armrest and legrests can be adjusted to fit the user. Includes seat frame with seat rail for additional mounting solutions.
  • A wide range of WHITMYER headrests and JAY cushions are available and compatible with the SEDEO PRO and the SEDEO LITE frames to meet higher clinical needs and ensure we offer the best seating possible.
  • Every Q500 comes with a choice of the reliable VR2 control or the superior R-Net advanced joystick. A large, easy-to-read HD display and simple to control paddle switches allow for intuitive operation.
  • Contact us to discuss your specific powerchair requirements.