Quickie Q400 Series

The new QUICKIE Q400® F effortlessly balances great outdoor manoeuvrability with very good indoor performance. All of these combined with the benefits of the multi adjustable SEDEO® LITE seating and the most advanced controls, creates the perfect powered wheelchair for a safe driving experience. With the option of front, mid or rear wheel drive, enjoy the most comfortable and safe driving with the new QUICKIE Q400 base.

Colour(s): Black, Silver, Green, Orange

  • All the Q400 bases offer great outdoor performance combining reliable 4-pole motors and elastomer drive wheel suspension for a comfortable drive. With a speed of up to 10 kph and batteries up to 60 Ah to improve your outdoor experience.
  • QUICKIE Q400 offers a complete range of bases so each user can select the best option based on personal preferences, experience, clinical, lifestyle and environmental needs.
  • The rear-wheel drive is a stable base with good kerb climbing ability. Easy to drive, provides great driving control.
  • The front-wheel drive base offers great outdoor performance with good indoors manoeuvrability, and best stability on steep declines. Could require more experience to drive.
  • Mid-wheel drive offers unmatched manoeuvrability, with a smaller foot print than rear or front, it offers the most compact turning circle and is extremely intuitive to drive and control.
  • The choice of seating options cover a wide variety of clinical needs.
  • The SEDEO LITE offers height adjustable sling back with adjustable straps, and a range of optional comfort cushions including two seat cushions and four back cushions with adjustable straps and different contours for better comfort and positioning.
  • The Captain Seat provides a relaxed sitting position and features a semi recline fold down backrest. Adjustable seat depth and convertible seat pan that allows you to use your preferred cushion. Available options include power lift or tilt and power centre mount leg-rest.
  • A wide range of WHITMYER headrests and JAY cushions are available and compatible with the CAPTAIN SEAT and SEDEO LITE frame to meet higher clinical needs and ensure we offer the best seating possible.
  • Every Q400 comes with a reliable VR2 control and a simple to control joystick which allows for intuitive operation.
  • Contact us to discuss your specific powerchair requirements.