Low Zone ClimaZone Cushion

Revolutionary construction that reduces pressure using air suspended fibres that promote airflow and integrated Coolover fabric to regulate skin temperature. It’s the go-to-cushion to manage heat and moisture at the seated surface – also offered for bariatric size and weight capacities.


Size(s): Various

  • The go to cushion to manage seat micro-climate cushion surface
  • Bariatric sizes and weight limits are available
  • Extremely adaptable and light weight
  • Orientation marking on cushion as well as cover
  • Weight distributed to less vunerable areas
  • Performance layer allows circulation closer to the skin
  • Rolled edge for increased comfort
  • Extremely strong combination – Foam and air sheet
  • Coolover cover to help regulate skin temperature
  • Weight limit: 254kg
  • Comes in sizes: 14″ x 14″ / 17″ x 17″ / 18″ x 16″ / 20″ x 18″ / 22″ x 18″