Star Stabil-Air

The perfect blend of a multi-celled air cushion with contoured foam internal to each of the air cells. The internal foam is contoured, so that there is taller foam around the outside, with shorter foam for the leg troughs, buttocks, and coccyx. This contoured layer of foam provides a shell of stability and helps ease transfers on and off the cushion. The foam also provides a backup or secondary layer of skin protection, which prevents the cushion user from ever fully bottoming out!

Code: SA4
Size(s): many

DVA Cards Accepted




  • User and carer ‘peace of mind’ knowing the user still is safeguarded from bottoming out
  • No Weight Limit
  • Made with high-quality, flame resistant, latex-free neoprene rubber
  • Internal foam is 1.8 density fire retardant PU, contoured depending on cushion height
  • Available with Single and Quad Valves
  • Approximately 1.36 kg
  • Available in 4″ cell height