Klaxon KLICK

Klaxon Klick is the handbike solution to motorize your wheelchair. Don’t wait any longer, enjoy your freedom with a Klick! The Klaxon Klick is a range of conversion kits that convert a manual wheelchair into powered or power assist wheelchair. The Klaxon Klick range all feature a central front wheel and handlebars which attach to the front of a manual wheelchair, transforming it into a trike. The front wheel docks and attaches to the frame of the wheelchair, this can be done by the user. The units have an inbuilt kickstand and are self supporting when not in use. Suitable for use indoors and outdoors.




  • Quick to attach
  • Universal connection hub
  • Suitable for different settings
  • Safe and high level of quality
  • Light and easy to handle
  • Compact and suitable for travel
  • Each Klaxon Klick handbike has its own unique design and specifications
  • KLICK Electric is the entry level all-rounder in the Klick range
  • KLICK Mini is lightweight and can easily overcome uneven terrains
  • KLICK Tetra is ideal for your daily trips and outdoor adventures
  • KLICK Hybrid is an innovative hybrid hand bike for wheelchairs, with smart technology
  • KLICK Monster is a powered hand bike with real grunt
  • Contact us now for more information on the range and which model would be suit your needs