Casero Bed - The Vogue Homestyle Floorline Bed

The Casero bed – The Vogue is a floorline bed to suit almost every environment (for less accessible locations in a home or facility please refer to the Mode) which showcases sophisticated, stylish and intelligent solutions to suit both client’s needs and their homes.

The Vogue features an auto regressive backrest which reduces sacral pressure and shear force, while assisting those with a propensity to slide down the bed when the backrest is raised.

The Casero series is modular and configurable to your client’s requirements and includes classic and contemporary designs, upholstery choices and high quality features.

The European designed 4-part telescopic side rail option offers versatility, support, safety, protection – and overall peace of mind. With an extensive range of options and accessories, the Casero series truly reimagines and merges perfectly the functional needs of our clients and the style that is important to them.

  • Available in Single and King Single sizes
  • Electric Hi/Low Functions
  • Electric Back Elevation
  • Electric Knee Break
  • Electric Trendelenburg
  • Built-in 200mm length extension
  • Two bedhead options available – Oxford and Belgrave
  • Four colour options available – Oatmeal Fabric, Granite Fabric, Slate Fabric, Ebony Vinyl
  • A range of accessories available including a Self-help Pole, Telescopic 4-Part Side Rails, Length Horizontal Side Rails, Drop-down Quarter Rails,  Battery Back-up System, Nurse Control Panel, Under-Bed Light
  • Floorline Bed, 110mm low height
  • Auto Regression Backrest, creates 12cm of additional sacral area space which helps to reduce sacral pressure, shear force throughout the back and abdominal compression during bed
  • One Touch Seating Function, for improved respiration and pressure management, allowing for a more comfortable position for dining and conversations
  • One Touch exit function, moves the bed to a flat position at the optimal height for resident egress and exit
  • Available in Single and King Single sizes
  • Low height range is ideal for falls risk clients
  • Height range: 110mm – 740mm
  • Backrest Range: 0-70 Degrees
  • Knee Bend Range: 0-36 Degrees
  • Trendelenburg Range: +-12 Degrees
  • Backrest length: 880mm
  • Fixed section(auto-regression back up/down): 310mm(up) 180mm(down)
  • Upper leg Section: 330mm
  • Lower leg Section: 530mm(standard) 730mm(extended)
  • Max user weight: 200kg



  • Steel frame – 10 years
  • Electrics – 5 years
  • Hand control – 12 months
  • Upholstered surround incl head and foot boards – 12 months