Convoluted Mattress Overlay

A luxurious dimplefoam (eggfoam) mattress topper promoting a deep, relaxing sleep by providing luxurious support to every area of your body. The ‘egg crate’ foam surface is designed to enhance air circulation, even weight distribution, and give total body support by gently cushioning every body contour. Featuring a built-in lumbar support to maintain the spine’s natural curvature during sleep when sleeping on your back or side.

Code: A10501

Brand: Australian Made

Size(s):  S, KS, D, Q, K

  • Fits easily under your existing sheets
  • Heavy grade, deep-pile convoluted foam that will not collapse under the body’s high load areas such as shoulders, hips & heels
  • Subtle built-in lumbar support column helps maintain spine’s natural curvature during sleep
  • Single: 185 x 89 x 5cm
  • King Single: 203 x 107 x 5cm
  • Double: 185 x 133 x 5cm
  • Queen: 199.2 x 148.4 x 5cm
  • King: 203 x 183 x 5cm