Nearly time to change the clocks…!

Everyday Mobility has a range of clocks to suit various situations and needs such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Isolation, Vision impaired, Brain injuries, Learning impaired, Autism, etc.  Here’s a selection:

Dawn Clock – with unique calendar and reminder function that enable self-care for people of all ages.  Great selection of messages like Time to get dressed/ Time for Lunch/Time for Medication / Now it’s Friday Afternoon, etc.

Bedside Calendar Alarm Clock with Night Light – battery operated, great by the bedside as the face glows when the natural light fades, and it tells you the date and day.

LCD Calendar Clock – This affordable Automatic Calendar Clock has an easy-to-read time and date display and the Day-of-the-week is spelt in full.

Long Calendar Clock – this clock has a large digital ‘flip card’ display that can still be read under fluorescent lighting –this can be a problem with clocks that use LCD displays.