Dawn Clock

The Dawn Clock™ is the original LED calendar day clock that has specially designed on-screen alerts to enable independence in completing daily tasks.  The alerts help to alleviate the stress of reminding as well as the frustration of being reminded. With a high contrast and low glare screen, The Dawn Clock™ is easy to read and understand.

Enjoy large letters and numbers displaying the day, date and time to keep you connected with the moment. The Dawn Clock™ creates a sense of comfort and enables an independent life for all.

Code: Dawn




  • Five customisable medication alarms – Time for your medication
  • Eight customisable lifestyle alarms including Time for breakfast/lunch/dinner, Time to get dressed,
  • Time to shower, Check your diary, Time to go to bed and Time for your appointment
  • Three main screen options:
  • Calendar Display = Day/Time/Date
  • Calendar & Moment Display = Day/Moment/Time/Date
  • Moment Display = “Now it’s Thursday Evening”(Before Dawn, Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night)
  • Frame made from recycled plastic
  • Eight language options (main screen)
  • Matte finish on screen and frame for maximum visibility
  • Automatic setup for AEST but can be set for any day, date or time.
  • Built-in stand or can be wall-mounted
  • Five dimming options
  • Auto restart – clock turns on & settings retained in the event of a power failure
  • UK or USA Date mode
  • Automatically changes on Leap Years
  • Clock Dimensions – 215mm wide x 170mm high
  • Screen Dimensions – 160mm wide x 120mm high
  • Automatically dims between 7pm and 7am
  • Australian/New Zealand power plug – mains powered supply – cord is 180cm long