Dawn Clock

We understand that you can sometimes feel helpless in improving your loved ones quality of life. Caring should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for all. The Dawn Clock is a simple solution that can help you alleviate the stress of reminding your loved one of common daily tasks and enabling independence for all.

Code: Dawn




  • Five customisable medication alarms – Time for your medication
  • Eight customisable lifestyle alarms including Time for breakfast/lunch/dinner, Time to get dressed,
  • Time to shower, Check your diary, Time to go to bed and Time for your appointment
  • Three main screen options:
  • Calendar Display = Day/Time/Date
  • Calendar & Moment Display = Day/Moment/Time/Date
  • Moment Display = “Now it’s Thursday Evening”(Before Dawn, Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night)
  • Frame made from recycled plastic
  • Eight language options (main screen)
  • Matte finish on screen and frame for maximum visibility
  • Automatic setup for AEST but can be set for any day, date or time.
  • Built-in stand or can be wall-mounted
  • Five dimming options
  • Auto restart – clock turns on & settings retained in the event of a power failure
  • UK or USA Date mode
  • Automatically changes on Leap Years

  • Clock Dimensions – 215mm wide x 170mm high
  • Screen Dimensions – 160mm wide x 120mm high
  • Automatically dims between 7pm and 7am
  • Australian/New Zealand power plug – mains powered supply – cord is 180cm long