Smoov Power Assist

The SMOOV is an electric power assist drive unit for active wheelchairs which significantly increases the driver‘s mobility.
The Smoov is a small, discreet drive unit under the wheelchair, with a modern, unobtrusive design. The SMOOV is your own innovative, smart electric drive that you can dock to your wheelchair whenever you need it.


Code: Smoov

Colour: Black

  • Discreet, unobtrusive design
  • Swivelling drive wheel for dynamic driving
  • Extremely swift, turns itself on the spot
  • Efficient, high-performance drive unit
  • Tilted driving is also possible with the SMOOV one
  • Intuitive docking and undocking of the drive unit and control unit
  • Easy to use thanks to the ergonomic, wireless control unit
  • Individual adjustment and extension of the scope of functions possible via the SMOOV Mobility App
  • Can be mounted to most active rigid-frame and folding wheelchairs
  • Range up to 20 km with one battery charge thanks to a highly efficient direct drive combined with state-of-the-art lithium ion
  • Weighing just 7.2 kg, this is one of the lightest active drives on the market
  • Max weight 170Kg (person & wheelchair)
  • Weight of the person Max: 140kg
  • Permissible total weight Max: 170kg
  • Climbing capability: up to 16%
  • Motor power rating: 250W
  • Max. motor power: 450W
  • Operating voltage: 36V
  • Speed: 0-10 km/h
  • Battery cells: 36 V; 6.2 Ah
  • Lithium ion cells, leakproof and maintenance-free, 24 months guarantee
  • Battery power: 224 Wh
  • Safe for air transportation according to IATA
  • Range: Up to 20 km
  • depending on the surface, user weight, temperature and terrain
  • Input voltage: 100-240v
  • Frequency range: 50-60 Hz
  • Output voltage: 48 V (DC)
  • Charging current: 1 A
  • Charging time: Approx 6 hours
  • Drive unit: 7.2 kg
  • Control unit: 250 g
  • Battery charger: 500 g
  • Control unit bracket: Approx. 100 g
  • Crossbar/camber tube bracket: Approx. 230 g