ShowerBuddy Lateral

Showerbuddy systems offer industry-leading support and comfort in a package that requires no remodelling. But some users require additional side-support that also assists carers in a more efficient bathing experience. Introducing the lateral accessory.

The Showerbuddy laterals have been developed directly from the needs of our OT and user community. In a seated position, some users require more stability and lateral support to remain in an upright, safe bathing position without help from the carer.

Our lateral accessories meet this need but include many additional design innovations that make them incredibly useful. As a single unit, the lateral can be installed on the left or right side of the chair, and comes with a bracket that can be affixed to the frame in a number of ways – sitting inside, outside the frame to suit the requirements of the user.

Once the bracket’s installed, the lateral pad can be easily bolted on. You’ve got the choice of extending or shortening the lateral’s support position by simply positioning and fastening it accordingly.

For even more convenience, the lateral accessory has an optional seat belt add-on that provides front support in one tidy configuration (you also have the option of using your chair’s standard chest belt, but this will not be compatible with the laterals’ seatbelt opening).


Code: LAT-SB

  • Can be installed on most Showerbuddy models
  • Sold as a single unit (either side)
  • Multiple installation points and widths possible
  • Adjustable to provide shorter or longer positioning
  • Optional seatbelt threads through lateral for additional support