Sensory Cushion

Perfect for people living with a diagnosis of dementia or other cognitive disorder, the Sensory Cushion is specifically designed to help stimulate the senses and offer a positive sensory experience. With three different colour options, the cushion offers a range of pockets, zippers and different types of materials that can be touched or stroked. It is designed to provide a spectrum of sensory experiences visual, tactile, audible that helps stimulate the senses and occupy the hands.

Code: BL0065EG

Colours: Emerald Green

  • Ideal for people living with a diagnosis of dementia
  • Designed to occupy hands and soothe agitation
  • Range of different tactile sensations
  • Uses bright contrasting colours for visual stimulation
  • 100% recycled material filler
  • Machine washable cover
  • Size : 390 x 390mm