Quickie Q700 Series

THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE! The QUICKIE Q700 M Series power wheelchair combines function and luxury for a unique driving experience. Make your day-to-day a thrill with the Q700 M Series’ SpiderTrac® 2.0 Suspension, Biometric Repositioning, reliable 4-pole motors, and PG Drives electronics.

Colour(s): Black, White, Acid Green, Ferrari Red, Sunkissed Orange ,Fuchsia, Sky Blue

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  • Choose your base – mid, front or rear wheel
  • QUICKIE Q700 offers the most complete range of bases in the market so each user can select the best option based on his/her personal preferences, experience, clinical, lifestyle and evironmental needs
  • All the Q700 bases offer ultimate outdoor performance combining powerful 4-pole high torque motors, full wheel suspension for maximum comfort and traction, large wheels, speeds up to 10 kph and batteries up to 72 Ah
  • Choose your seating system – Captain Seat, Sedeo Pro, Sedeo Ergo or Sedeo Ergo Up
  • Captain Seat – Comfortable car style seat that provides a relaxed sitting position. It features manual recline and is available with tilt or lift
  • Sedeo Pro – High-end fully adjustable and configurable seating frame with multiple comfort cushions and positioning options. With a wide range of armrests, armpads, legrests, seat and back cushions, headrests and positioning accessories, SEDEO PRO offers great flexibility to adapt to the individual user needs
  • Sedeo Ergo – High-end Biomechanical seating, with a full range of programmable seating positions. SEDEO ERGO covers the most demanding clinical needs with 180 mm anti-shear back movement, biometric repositioning function, infinitely adjustable seat and back, easy entry system, 90º knee angle in seated position and pressure relief reminders
  • Sedeo ERgo Up – High-end Biomechanical seating, with a full range of programmable seating positions and standing function. All the benefits of SEDEO ERGO seating with additional standing
  • function. SEDEO ERGO UP provides an standing angle up to 85º with a highly rigid and stiff standing module
  • A wide range of WHITMYER headrests and JAY cushions and backs are available with the SEDEO ERGO, SEDEO ERGO UP and also with SEDEO PRO seating systems to meet every user’s clinical needs and ensure we offer the best seating possible
  • SWITCH IT Remote Seating App – The Remote Seating app plays an important role in pressure management. With the app, you can self-monitor your pressure relief progress and securely share the data with your caregiver network. The app tracks key seating positions such as tilt, recline, and leg elevation, as well as the duration of these positions
  • Every Q700 comes with the R-Net advanced joystick as standard. A large, easy-to-read HD display and simple to control paddle switches allow for intuitive operation.