Molift RgoSling Padded, High Back

The Molift RgoSling Padded is an all-round sling built for comfortable hoisting and fits most users and hoisting situations in hospital, homecare and facility care environments. The RgoSling Padded sling has a split leg support with a medium opening. The sliding straps allow the sling to adjust and find an even balance during the entire transfer process, providing the user with great comfort and a pleasant lifting experience whilst aiming to retain the safety and dignity of the user during the transfer. It has colour-coded loops located at the end of the leg supports that make it easy to determine the optimum fit, as well as padded pockets along the back and on the leg supports that make it easy to use with Molift’s 4-point sling bar system.


Code: 1720220/ 1720230/ 1720240

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

  • Ideal for use in most lifting situations
  • Fixed padding on the back and legs
  • Adjust the sitting angle by the leg straps
  • Anatomical design follows the shape of the back for ultimate support
  • Shoulder loops glide into position for even weight distribution
  • HighBack option for head support and improved comfort and hoisting to and from a lying position
  • Guide Pockets to facilitate fitting
  • Clear and visible labelling system
  • Machine washable and Tumble dry at a low temperature
  • Maximum temperature for cleaning: 85°C. Washing at lower temperatures increases the product lifespan
  • Material: Polyester, PE-cellfoam
  • Small
    • Height: 800mm
    • Leg support opening width: 270mm
    • Maximum user weight: 300kg
    • Recommended user weight: 25-50kg
  • Medium
    • Height: 920mm
    • Leg support opening width: 320mm
    • Maximum user weight: 300kg
    • Recommended user weight: 45-95kg
  • Large
    • Height: 980mm
    • Leg support opening width: 400mm
    • Maximum user weight: 300kg
    • Recommended user weight: 90-160kg
  • Compliance
    • ARTG Number: 360017
    • Australian Standards: 10535:2011
    • Warranty: 2 years