EzyUps Dressing Aid

The EzyUps Dressing Aid is designed to assist those who struggle with the task of dressing themselves because of restricted movement. With the EzyUps Dressing Aid your loved one will be able to easily dress and put on their underwear (disposable & standard), skirts, tracksuits, trousers and slacks without having the embarrassment of asking someone for help.

The EzyUps Dressing Aid is ideal for people of all ages that are experiencing limited flexibility because of back and spinal injuries, joint replacements, sporting injuries and any other causes of limited flexibility.

Code: 9348740000005


  • Easy to hold soft handle hand grips
  • Holds clothing fully open for easier placement over feet with minimal pressure required
  • Allows for clothing to be put on in 3 steps – place aid into clothing, place over feet, pull up over legs
  • Embedded high tensile steel through centre of aid for added strength and stability
  • Grip technology prevents clothing from slipping off
  • Aligns clothing to correct angle for pulling up over legs
  • Provides independence and maintains dignity