Cutlery, Caring

A range of stainless steel utensils moulded into contoured, ivory-coloured plastic handles with built-up ends. These are of value to those with a weak grip and restricted wrist or finger movement. The knife and fork have a shaped indent on the top for the index finger, to help with directional control. The knife also has a serrated blade to assist with cutting.

DVA Cards Accepted

Code: PAT-AA55700Y

Colour(s): Ivory

  • Hygienically sealed, easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Can be subjected to industrial dishwasher temperatures
  • Available in:
  • Knife – 50g
  • Fork – 50g
  • Spoon – 60g
  • Teaspoon – 45g
  • Set (one of each)
  • Length of handle 127mm.