Bakslap Lotion Applicator

The versatile bakslap applicator helps you to apply ANY lotion to those hard to reach places.

  • New lock for the lid, so when it’s open it stays locked!
  • New locking mechanism to ensure when fully extended it stays locked!
  • New sponges that have double-stitched edges for longer use
  • New sponges using a less absorbent foam, so less lotion is used
  • New packaging for better storage & with instruction video QR code

Each bakslap comes with 2x sponges (1x attached 1x spare in the packaging). We’re proudly Australian and recommended by dermatologists for Medical, self-tanning, sunscreen and moisturising lotions.


Code: Bakslap

  • Each applicator includes 2x reusable & replaceable sponges
  • Custom fit sponges easily removed & attached via Velcro
  • Lid that seals & protects the sponge when not in use
  • Keep bakslap out of the direct sun where possible. You can remove the sponges at any time and then separately rinse your bakslap under water to wash off any elements that it may have come into contact with during your activities
  • Extendable handle length 37cm
  • Design is flexible, strong & lightweight at 105g