Adjusta Wedge Body Support Quilted

A Wedge Cushion to elevate your upper body, helping you sleep better.

The Adjusta Wedge will give you all the benefits of an adjustable bed but without the cost. Rest in an elevated position with this two-piece back support wedge.


Code: A115032003

Colour: White

  • Allows you to sleep and rest in an elevated position.
  • Two-part reconfigurable construction.
  • A variable angle between 15 degrees and 75 degrees.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Perfect for reading, relaxing, television and recovery from illness or surgery.
  • Provides good support for the head and neck.
  • Adjusts up or down as required.
  • Can be used in conjunction with the Knee Relaxer for a total zero-gravity feel.
  • Suitable for use with any contour pillow or neck support.
  • Easy to remove cotton slip for easy laundering.
  • Size of Semi Circle Support: 60cm Wide x 18cm Long x 70cm High
  • Size of Triangular Support: 60cm Wide x 27cm Long x 40cm High
  • Angle Options: 15 Degrees to 75 Degrees angle