Winter Warmers!

The nights are definitely getting chillier – so we have put together a few items that might interest you to beat the Winter chills that are already here.

This is a new item – the Sheepskin Slipper with Rubber Sole has an adjustable velcro opening to make the boot easy to put on and take off. We especially love the pliable rubber sole.  Australian made from medical-grade Australian fleece.

More sheepskin products – including different sized overlays for beds, chairs and wheelchairs.

The Thermocomfort is a medium sized pad with choice of 3 temperature settings.  It acts as a small electric blanket – perfect for getting and staying warm, or heat-treating aches and pains.

The HydroSense works for heating and cooling.  With a pump heating the water and tiny capillaries throughout the blanket (or other accessories), it acts as a warm electric blanket without the worry of static electricity – perfect for electric beds.  The pump has to be (not) heard to be believed – it is that quiet!

What about a puppy to curl up and stay warm with?  Seriously though, the puppy does nothing for physical warmth but could be someone’s answer to feeling emotionally warmer.  Designed to give the comfort of a soft puppy, without the maintenance!  This puppy weighs 2kg and is super-soft. Great for clients with Dementia and Autism.

Everyday Living Aids such as Thermal Mugs, and Scoop Bowls are popular at this time of year – after all, who can refuse a bowl of hot soup?