Tips to avoid falling

Tips to prevent falls

  • Start to exercise – you are never too old to start and it will increase your balancing skills
  • Make sure that if you are exercising you do it regularly
  • Don’t over exercise – over doing it can cause problems, talk to your Physio about what your limitations are.
  • Don’t slouch – maintain good posture it will help with things like balance and back pain
  • Using mobility aids such as walking frames and walkers need to be fitted to your body specifically – come in to Everyday Mobility to be fitted out correctly to the equipment that suits you best.
  • Wear firm fitting, flat shoes, this will improve your stability.
  • Be careful when walking over uneven ground, walking on gravel and grass may be a challenge so be sure to take extra care.
  • Walking around at night or I poorly lit environments may cause problems as having good vision will help you to keep your balance.
  • Go around your home and the places you go to frequently and make sure that things like mats and rugs are securely fastened to the floor, there are no loose cords or wires hanging around and that you have minimal clutter in the walkways of your home.
  • Make sure that someone you know and trust who lives close is available to be called in an Emergency.
  • Ask your physio to show you the easiest and best way to get up off the floor if you do fall.