VELA Tango 700E

The VELA Tango 700E chair offers independence at home and work in a user-friendly design. By sitting down in a VELA chair, you can perform your usual standing activities safely and comfortably without draining your energy. All because of a safe handbrake, easy-rolling wheels, and stable sitting comfort.

The VELA Tango 700E has an electric lift that moves up and down with a touch of a button. Because of that, you can reach things on the top shelf or low in the cupboard.
The electric lift can also help you to get up from the chair.

Thanks to soft and large wheels, it is easy to walk the chair around safely and smoothly, even on tiles and uneven floors. In addition, the chair comes in various seat heights to make sure it fits your size perfectly. An easily accessible handbrake provides safety when performing daily activities, so you don’t have to worry about the chair moving away from under you.


Colour: Black


  • Sit down and perform your usual standing activities without draining your energy
  • Smooth and user-friendly electric lift that ensures a safe and easy height adjustment of the chair
  • Stable and safe chair with a central brake and supportive armrests
  • “Walk” the chair around in a secure and comfortable manner
  • Excellent support and sitting comfort
  • Measurements found in Brochure – Located under Documents.