Varilite Evolution PSV

With the function and benefits of the Varilte Evolution, the Evolution PSV (Pressure Setting Valve) has the added benefit of taking the guesswork out of cushion adjustment and makes it automatic! The PSV works by sensing the amount of internal cushion pressure. As air is released, internal pressure decreases as the user is immersed in the cushion for effective pressure distribution. Sitting on a fully inflated Evolution PSV cushion, the client simply opens the PSV to the appropriate position. When the PSV senses that enough air has been released, it automatically shuts off the flow. The client then closes the PSV. Adjustment is simple and consistent.

DVA Cards Accepted

Code: 78815

Size(s): Various




  • Positioning supports improve stability, which is important for users with compromised sitting balance or who transfer frequently
  • Multi-stiffness foam provides support as the user is immersed in the cushion
  • Medial and lateral supports minimize internal and external lower extremity rotation
  • Pelvic bucketing and a pre-ischial ridge help maintain pelvic position, and thigh troughs promote a neutral femoral position
  • Evolution foam is bonded to four-way-stretch knit fabric for maximum conformity during immersion. The fabric is puncture and water resistant
  • Pressure setting valve (PSV) for automatically adjusting air volume
  • Available with a mesh or incontinence cover with breathable four-way-stretch material
  • A modifiable closed-cell foam wedge is available as an accessory with each Evolution