Throne Rail

Throne Rails have been designed specifically for the comfort and dignity of anyone requiring assistance with toileting, and for the Occupational Health and Safety needs of all carers; family, volunteers, nursing home staff, hospital and school staff. They have 3 settings: handles upright, handles splayed, or handles folded down.

DVA Cards Accepted

Code: R31

Colour(s): White, Steel

  • Easily installed and removed
  • Independent of floors and walls
  • Provides safety and confidence to the user
  • Benefits a range of users from the average to larger build
  • Enables the user to have support close to the body, where it is most needed
  • User is able to lower safely onto the toilet and pushing up from the seat is also much easier
  • Safer than over toilet frames as it is rigidly fixed to the toilet pan
  • Handles can be folded down in order to facilitate a wheelchair transfer
  • One or both handles can be removed to suit some requirements
  • Can be used with a spacer to elevate height of the toilet – See Throne Spacers
  • Width between arms either 510mm or 640mm
  • Height of handles above seat approx 260mm