Slide Sheets

Slide Sheets are an easy and effective way of assisting a patient, and the carer, in movement and transfer. Slide Sheets work by using two simulatenously together; the top slide sheet slides against the bottom slide sheet, and creates a smooth and easy movement and transfer. Slide sheets can be used in bed, in the bathroom, or on seating equipment.

DVA Cards Accepted

Code: SS01AM

Size(s): S , L

Colour(s): Various

  • Sanitized Slide Sheets are used to help eliminate the need for lifting during patient transfers and thus minimise manual handling injuries
  • Made from polyester and coated with silicon
  • Minimal friction of movement and added durability
  • Can withstand up to 100 standard washes
  • Soft finish reduces noise as well as skin care and abrasion
  • Small 1m x 1.5m
  • Large 1.5m x 2m