NXT BioFit Cushion

The NXT BioFit cushion is designed for comfort and positioning for users who are at moderate to high risk of skin break down. It has a multi-layer design that provides deep immersion and support for skin protection for users at medium to high risk of skin break down, by redistributing pressure over the full sitting surface of the cushion. The multi-layered, contoured cushion utilises the latest in Visco Gel foam technology. The Visco elastic gel beads act to reduce heat build critical to minimise skin integrity issues. /the contoured base is optimally shaped to evenly distribute pressure under the pelvis, and helps reduce strain to the tissue in the pelvic, thigh and hip area.

  • Soft density top layer with antibacterial properties for comfort and immersion
  • Blue Visco Gel foam reduces heat build up critical to minimise skin integrity issues
  • Medium density Visco foam provides improved support, positioning and immersion
  • Firm HR contour cut foam for support, stability and durability with SPS technology
  • Options & Accessories include:
  • Pelvic obliquity/lateral pa
  • Solid seat insert
  • Replacement inner cover
  • Replacement air mesh outer cover
  • Fluid proof incontinent cover
  • Cushion Weight (based on 16” x 16”): 1.09kg
  • Depth: 10 – 22” (25.4 – 55.9cm)
  • Width: 10 – 24” (25.4 – 61cm)