NXT Armadillo Back Support with Vicair Technology

A multi-adjustabe postural support back which features a three section modular shell with a Vicair back cushion with multiple pockets containing SmartCellsTM. In addition to the features offered with the foam back Armadillo, the Vicair cushion can be customised to effect the shape of the contour incrementally and permanently.

Size(s): Various

  • Adjustable compartments with SmartCellTM Technology allows for pressure distribution and positioning, preventing skin breakdown
  • Incrementally adjustable with, height, depth and angle
  • Adjustable Vicair® Cushion has nine pockets which are individually accessible to customise for maximum postural
  • Central compartment allows off-loading of the spine
  • Stepless width adjustment
  • Customise the contour to fit the spinal deficiency
  • Allows proper placement of the gluteal shelf
  • Options and accessories include:
  • Lateral supports
  • Head supports
  • Replacement outer cover and foam
  • Back shell weight: 1.77kg
  • Height: 16 – 18” (40.6 – 45.7cm)
  • Fits wheelchair width: 14 – 26” (35.66 – 66.0cm)
  • Top adjustability: 400 Anterior – 200 Posterior
  • Lower adjustability: 300 Anterior – 300 Posterior
  • Maximum user weight: Width 14 – 20” 136kg
  • Maximum user weight: Width 22 – 24” 181kg