Neos Folding 150

A new generation light weight aluminium lifter evolved from the needs of the carer! The folding, aluminium Neos lifting hoist has a SWL of 150kg while its quick-release folding structure allows the hoist to be folded for storage and transfers. Both lifting and raising functions are powered by Linak with an average lifting range of 1240mm while leg adjustment done through a foot pedal control to a maximum internal width of 890mm. Stocked with safety features such as easy access to emergency lowering devices and an anti-entrapment feature which stops the boom from lowering any further when it encounters resistance.

Code: 7107

  • Folding aluminium lifter
  • Quick release folding structure enables lift to be conveniently folded for storage and transfer
  • Electric raise and lower powered by Linak
  • Foot pedal control for leg adjustment
  • Equipped with 75mm front castors and 100mm locking rear castors
  • Quick release yoke
  • Safe Working Load: ​150kg
  • Contact us for more information and ask about compatible slings
  • Base Length: 1290mm
  • External Base Width Closed: 615mm
  • External Base Width Open: 965mm
  • Internal Base Width Closed: 550mm
  • Internal Base Width Open: 890mm
  • ​Base Width Adjustment: Manual
  • Under Bed Clearance: 135mm
  • Minimum Height Yoke: 410mm
  • Maximum Height Yoke: 1650mm
  • Average Lift Range: 1240mm
  • ​Lifter Weight: 35kg
  • ​Minimum Storage Height: 1370mm
  • Under Base Height: 72mm
  • Maximum Hoist Reach: 880mm
  • Minimum Hoist Reach: 440mm
  • Hoist Reach at Maximum Height: 450mm