Manoy Contoured Plate

Designed for people who have limited hand functionality. The Manoy Contoured Plate is suitable for anyone who finds it difficult to pick up food from the plate with utensils. Made from melamine, the plate has an oval design and a sloping bottom along with high sided end. This ensures that the users are able to easily scoop the food from the plate with spilling it. The unique design of the Manoy Contoured Plates eliminates the problem of spilling and makes it easier to pick food from the plate. Made from high-quality material, it is also light in weight and very easy to use. Unlike standard plates which are generally round and do not have high ends, this Contoured Plate proves much more beneficial and easy to use. Moreover, the plate is scratch-resistant. This ensures that you can use fork and knife when eating on it. It will continue to retain its shiny appearance.

DVA Cards Accepted

Code: PAT-AA5612

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Not suitable for use in microwave ovens
  • Large, 279 x 197mm
  • Small 227 x 159mm