Leg Relaxer

Reduce lower back pain, varicose veins and poor circulation with this adjustable leg wedge support pillow. Provides even weight distribution and alleviates lower back strain and leg pain by raising your legs. Designed to fit the natural curves of your body and legs, cradling you in comfort.

Code: TLR100

Colour(s): White

  • Designed for use on the bed to aid circulation and vascular drainage
  • Ideal for those with varicose veins or swollen legs, and during pregnancy and convalescence
  • Contoured for the calves and scalloped for the thighs
  • Removable inner wedge allows you to customize height
  • Elevates the legs from the hips, taking the pressure off your lower back
  • Designed to help maintain the “pelvic tilt” position that eases stress on the spine
  • Cover is available in 2 versions