Koval Patient Mover

The Koval Mover with Electric Base combines the transport functionality of the Mover Flexi with the action of a stand-aid hoist. This is useful for clients with fluctuating or unreliable weight bearing capacity. The leg width adjustment is achieved using the main hand control.

Code:  11992121

Combines the features of a Mover with a stand-up lifter function
Allows fast, stable and safe transport of a patient to the chair, bed or toilet, and back again
Useful for the transportation of patients who have difficulty walking or standing.
Comfortable swivel seat plates and knee supports
Adjustable legs with three settings
Rear castor brakes
Multiple colour options
Safe, comfortable and easy to use

The maximum dimensions:
Height: 104cm
Length: 97cm
Width: 58.5cm
Castor Diameter: 7.5cm
Rear castors are equipped with a brake
Unit weight: 19.6 kg
Safe working load: 150 kg