The Kiama Chair has sturdy electric lift and recline action with the control switch mounted on the inner arm. Attractive wood-panelling is part of the stylish arm rests. Increased comfort with an internally adjustable neckrest. Great modern style with wood-panelled arm rests and a satin chrome disc base with swivelling in the sitting position, but is non-swivel when lifted, for safety.

Code: 3260EL

Size(s): Mid to Tall

Colour(s): Grey, Dark Brown

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  • Electric lift and recline action
  • Switch mounted on inner arm (no cords)
  • Armrests with beautiful wood panelling
  • Long footrest extension (full foot support to 6′ tall)
  • Satin chrome disc base
  • Swivel action in sitting position
  • Non- swivel when lifted (for safety)
  • Internally adjustable neckrest