The new versatile Invacare Stand Assist XPlus lifter has been designed to suit a range of users who require assistance during a transfer but can weight bear. With a weight capacity of 200 kg, the XPlus can safely transfer the heavier user. The new Invacare Stand Assist XPlus lifter provides safety, comfort and a more pleasant experience for clients. ISA is the product for those independent individuals who are in need of some assistance. As a caregiver, usability is a fundamental element, which is why the new ISA has a reduced, curved overall base dimension and reduced product weight. In many cases, the caregiver may be a family member, and therefore the ease of use is imperative. Dismantling this product can be done without any tools, and thus transportation can be achieved fluidly. ISA features many options and accessories to adapt the lifter ergonomics to the user’s body shape and dimensions.

Code: 1655981





  • Optimised design for comfortable transfers
  • Suitable for users who can weight bear but require assistance with transfers
  • Ergonomic hand grips – The unique design perfectly fits the natural shape of the hand for a safe grip
  • Extendable lifting arm – The TelescoLift can be adjusted to nine different length positions for different client heights, offering maximum flexibility
  • Lower leg support – The lower leg cushion provides six height positions with a swivel ErgoSupport option for optimum comfort
  • Easily dismantled for storage or transportation
  • With battery charge between 100% to 50%
  • Length: 1280 mm
  • Minimum base width: 640 mm
  • Inside base width: 1020 mm
  • Lifting range: 505/675 mm
  • Caster size Front & Rear: 100/ 125 mm
  • Ground clearance : 35 mm
  • Maximum user weight: 200 kg
  • Unit weight: 52 kg
  • Battery time*: 82 cycles