Icare Medium Mattress

Most popular, medium feel Middle of the range, the IC20 proves to be popular for most. The medium feel provides a soft feel but excellent support. How pressure care works with the IC20: This mattress is heat and pressure sensitive which means that as it gets warmer it becomes softer. So when there is a pressure point developing which usually gets hot and enflamed, this area of the mattress will become softer which allows the blood to flow freely again.

DVA Cards Accepted

Code: IC2

Size(s): Single, Long Single, King Single, Double, Long Double, Queen, Split Queen

  • Visco elastic memory foam
  • Pressure redistribution
  • Solid support foam base
  • Temperature regulating cover
  • Ventilated base fabric
  • Medical covers available
  • 2 way stretch zip off washable cover
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • 20 cm mattress depth
  • 200 kg weight limit
  • Single Mattress Size: 1900 x 900 mm
  • Long Single Mattress Size: 2030 x 900 mm
  • King Single Mattress Size: 2030 x 1070 mm
  • Double Mattress Size: 1900 x 1350 mm
  • Long Double Mattress Size: 2030 x 1350 mm
  • Queen Mattress Size: 2030 x 1520 mm
  • Split Queen Mattress Size: 2030 x 760 mm (Per side)