Harvest Hampton

The Harvest Hampton is a replacement alternating air mattress for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers in patients at high/very high risk. These work on a proven alternating principle resulting in maximum patient comfort whilst achieving optimum pressure relief. A cost-effective solution for hospitals as well as hospices, nursing and care home environments.

DVA Cards Accepted

Code: MA0230

Size(s): Single

  • Features

  • Active mattress aids in the treatment of pressure related injuries
  • Fully automatic and flexible alternating pressure mattress replacement system
  • Static head cells for patient stability
  • CPR function
  • Pump is manually adjusted to patient weight to provide optimum pressure
  • Air flow is controlled providing constant pressure, increased user comfort and energy reduction
  • Twenty soft polyurethane cells for patient comfort and pressure relief
  • Cells are individually interchangeable for ease of repairs and cleaning
  • Two-way stretch PU cover is vapour permeable, fluid resistant and fire retardant
  • Maximum user weight: 165kg