EquaGel Adjustable Protector

High to Very High level pressure care cushion. Adjustable Cushion made from EquaGel™ – a dry-polymer gel, almost rubbery to the touch. It has unbelievable tensile and compression strength and incredible durability; but these are not what make EquaGel™ special. Its most amazing feature is the column buckling which allows the cushion to evenly distribute weight.

Size(s): Many, including bariatric

Colour(s): Black

DVA Cards Accepted

  • 100% EquaGel™
  • The top layer is thin wall gel and a tight grid for a comfort layer
  • The bottom layer is thicker wall gel and a wide grid for deep posture support
  • The pelvic area of the cushion is contoured to more evenly distribute a user’s weight than flat cushions, while
  • retaining 45mm of buckling gel under the pressure points
  • Fluid resistant, Vapor permeable, flame resistant cover
  • Included are two different pelvic contour inserts that can increase the amount of therapeutic gel under the pelvis
  • The gel contour inserts are slipped into the fabric pocket inside the cover, beneath the gel. You may customize your cushion by using no insert, only the thin, only the thick, or both inserts. Insert them with the rounded edges going into the fabric sleeve first, grid side up.
  • 45 to 62.5mm tall EquaGel™ in two stages
  • from 45mm, 56mm, or 62.5mm deep