Action 3 Lever Drive

The Invacare® Action3 has been designed to enable easier assessment, and adjusts for maximum mobility. The Action3 manoeuvres smoothly due to its light rigid and well-balanced frame, and an ergonomic design that enables the user to become more independent. The Action3 Lever-Drive control system allows users with low muscular tone or one-sided weakness to propel the wheelchair using one arm. The lever’s pendular motion propels the chair forward or backwards, with integrated steering and braking.

DVA Cards Accepted

Code: Action3LD R/L

  • Available in a range of sizes, with lever drive mounted on right or left as requried
  • Active, standard, medium and amputee positions – The Action3 offers as standard the possibility of increased driving performance with a choice of 20 different rear wheel positions
  • Easy angle adjustment – The wheelchair is supplied as standard with a 3º seat angle that is adjustable to a seat angle of 6º for the active user, or 0º for the hemiplegic user, which allows for foot propulsion
  • Quick release Leg rests – The swing in/swing out leg rest is equipped with an easily operated, quick release mechanism. The height of the leg rest can be adjusted in steps of 1 cm with two different inner tubes to meet low and high seat height requirements. Smooth new head support fixation with no flushing
  • Brake and brake extension – Brake application is improved by increased brake lever length. The brake handle can be easily folded for side transfers
  • 14.5kg weight – The total weight of 14.5kg addresses the need for improved handling, storage and transportation
  • 9kg Transportation weight (without legrest and rear wheel)
  • ISO 7176/19 Transportation Tested.
  • Backrest types – on top of the fixed backrest (0°-7°) Action 3 also offers folding and adjustable (-6° to +24°)