Tips to avoid falling

Tips to prevent falls Start to exercise – you are never too old to start and it will increase your balancing skills Make sure that if you are exercising you do it regularly Don’t over exercise – over doing it can cause problems, talk to your Physio about what your limitations are. Don’t slouch – […]

Falls Prevention

Fall Prevention

Staying active and on the go is both enjoyable and important, but as we age the desire to stay active and independent can be somewhat shadowed by the risk and fear of a fall and subsequent injury. However this need not be the case as there are many things one can do to help prevent […]

Are you one of 4.8 million Australians who …

Are you

… experience bladder or bowel control problems?  It can happen at all stages of life, and for many different reasons; due to diseases, operations, and childbirth, to name a few. The good news is there are many items and funding available to help. Mattress Protectors – gone are the days when the only option was […]